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You like to stay informed on the latest developments in the tech field, and you read what you can, but who can keep up with the constant stream of information coming in? How many times have you encountered a link to what may or may not be an intriguing article, only to say to yourself TL; DR (a.k.a. Too Long; Didn’t Read). Even for us, sifting through the continual data stream can sometimes be tedious and boring. But we have a passion for staying informed no matter what. If we can help it, we don’t want to overlook any important breaking tech news —about the good, the bad or the ugly— we’re just as passionate about sharing what we learn with tech lovers just like you.

we regularly broadcast links to articles that we think you will want to know about—everything from practical articles with information you can use, and articles about exciting and cutting-edge products, innovations, and trends that will make you say “Wow,” to articles that make you laugh, or put you on high alert, or simply help you give a sane and helpful perspective on the rapidly changing tech landscape.

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