Mii Fighters amiibo are Only at Toys R Us in USA at Launch.

Nintendo’s Amiibo Toys have Been Very Popular but lots of People are having Trouble finding the Rare ones. and Looks like things are About to Better or Worse.

The Mii Fighters Amiibo from The Super Smash Bros. Line Seem to be only at Toys “R” Us when they Launch on November 1, According to the Picture below:


Notice the “Only At Toys “R” Us”  Logo. Looks Like Amiibo Hunters will have hunt them there for Now!

The Mii Amiibo themselves are Usable across 3DS and Wii U Games though The only game with A Real Use for them is Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

Thanks to Toys for Games on Twitter for the Picture.

Google Brings HTTPS Support To Blogspot | TechCrunch By Frederic Lardinois (@fredericl)

Google Brings HTTPS Support To Blogspot | TechCrunch

By Frederic Lardinois (@fredericl)


NASA Discovers Liquid Salty Water Flowing On Mars | IFLScience By Amy Lynn

NASA Discovers Liquid Salty Water Flowing On Mars | IFLScience

By Amy Lynn

Photo credit: These long streaks are inferred to have been formed by contemporary flowing water. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Photo credit: These long streaks are inferred to have been formed by contemporary flowing water. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona


Pokemon’s Future in 2016


This Week’s Issue of Famitsu, The Japan Magazine, Had a interview with The Pokemon Company’s President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara. He Talked Pokemon Shuffle, Pokken Tournament, Super Mystery Dungeon and a Small Bit about Pokemon’s Future.

Pokemon Shuffle Has Reached over 5 Million Downloads Worldwide. The Game was Originally Planned to Be Launched on 3DS and Smartphones at the Same time. The 3DS Charts showed That Kids in Middle School played The game the most while the SmartPhones Version is Mostly Played By Adults.

Pokken Came from a Desire to See Realistic Pokemon Movement. It’s Made by the Team who Have Made The Tekken Games. Ishihara points out That it’s easy to understand Fighting Games and that they have Straightforward and Simple Systems. The Game is Also Coming to Wii U Next Year. Ishihara is Hoping that if People Train at Home, This Will lead to People to Eventually Go and Play in The Arcade Tournament.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is Called a “Big Adventure for Kids” in the Interview. People say That Mobile Games are Fun and All But They Want Something Bigger. The Game is Full Of Content, There’s Mega Evolution, Legendary Pokemon and Much More. They Thought of A Game Packed with Content and Longer Story. The Only Question I Have is Where to Go From Here?

Finally, Here are some other Tidbits. Thanks to Nintendo Everything for Listing Them.

– Noted that a lot of the above was talk about casual games, will continue to do so due to high appeal
– Hopes to continue to expand Pokemon, utilizing features such as Pokemon Global Link and Pokemon Bank on future platforms and services such as on the NX with a large emphasis on cloud service, where you can bring them to a game you want to play and move them back to the cloud when done
– These are just some of many ideas they’re brainstorming
– More titles like Pokemon Shuffle for 3DS/smart devices depends on the ideas they come up with and which devices have the best “fit” for the idea
– There will be more on that at a later day (possibly referring to Pokemon Go), please be patient


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Interview

In last month’s issue of Nintendo Dream, there is an interview with producers Hisashi Nogami and Aya Kyogoku for the upcoming Animal Crossing Spinoff, Happy Home Designer. Thanks to Nintendo Everything for the translation.

ND: What was the original starting point of the project?

Nogami: Although many customers have accepted Animal Crossing, these games have an aspect that you can do anything and if you don’t decide to do something by yourself, the game won’t progress. Therefore I guess it is a title that divides people.

ND: You say that while New Leaf has sold more than 4 million copies [in Japan]!

Everyone: (laughs)

Kyogoku: I’m truly grateful that so many people have played the game, but I also think that there are people who think that the gameplay doesn’t suit them or they don’t understand what the game is about.

Nogami: So when it came time to create the next Animal Crossing, it turned out as a spin-off that focuses on an element of the Animal Crossing instead of being a traditional game.

ND: Was it decided from the start that the game comes for 3DS?

Nogami: 3DS was a given.

ND: Following the flow of releases up until now, I thought the next installment would be on Wii U for sure.

Nogami: I see. There was an idea of deeper play of Animal Crossing, and as many people have played New Leaf, we thought to aim it also for the customers that have enjoyed that game.

Kyogoku: However, we have made Animal Crossing games so that you can develop your village for years, and as this game was developed for 3DS as mentioned before, we wanted players to enjoy the usual gameplay of Animal Crossing and this new game side by side. At first it wasn’t just a new perspective for a single element of the traditional games, but rather we thought to try creating something that is completely different. But as you’d think, if the game was completely different, there is a risk that people who like Animal Crossing wouldn’t want to play it.

Nogami: One of the best received elements of Animal Crossing is ‘house creation’ and ‘arranging furniture’, so we decided to focus on that and we started development.

ND: More than two years have passed after the release of New Leaf, but the many people who still play the game certainly enjoy ‘house creation’. But why did you decide to take house creation as the focal point of the game?

Kyogoku: That was because members of the development team enjoyed it and we took this chance.

ND: What kind of things did you enjoy?

Kyogoku: When the development of a traditional Animal Crossing game comes to the final stage, the staff creates houses where the villagers live. Then we try to imagine ‘I wonder in what kind of house Bob lives?’

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is Coming to 3DS on Sept. 25 in USA.


Project X Zone 2- Chrom and Other Nintendo Characters Join the Roster. 

The roster for Project X Zone 2 just got bigger.

Chrom and Lucina From Fire Emblem Awakening are joining the roster for the upcoming crossover game. In addition to these Nintendo Characters, Flora from Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenosega’s KOS-MOS will also included in the game.

The Characters Were Announced at SEGA’s TGS Stage Event.

This also marks the 3nd time Nintendo’s doing a Crossover with Fire Emblem (The Second being Alus’s Crossover Game and The First being Smash Bros.) and the second with Xenoblade Chronicles as the main character from the game, Shulk is A Playable Character in Last Year’s Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. 


The latest installment in the Xenoblade Series, Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming this December to Nintendo’s Wii U. While Fire Emblem’s Next Game, Fire Emblem Fates is coming to 3DS sometime in 2016. Project X Zone 2 is Coming To Nintendo’s 3DS on February 16, 2016.

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